The decorations for weddings tailored to your desires

What we strive to convey in all our composition is the awareness that every love story is unique and unrepeatable. In our vision, experience, passion and creativity have value only if accompanied by the willingness to listen and interpret the desires of each individual customer. It’s the philosophy that inspires us. Everyday. Since 25 years.


What do we do

  • We design and create floral arrangements for religious and civil weddings, even on the beach or in the garden.
  • We create gazebos for Wedding Cakes
  • We designWedding Arches
  • We create customized structures of all shapes and sizes, creations of branches with ampoules and lanterns, bracelets, bridesmaids, wreaths, and much more.
  • We offer trendy and classic bouquet in every style and form, created by specific unions of scents and colors.
  • We provide runners, candles, lanterns, chandeliers, fabrics, mirrors, glasses,
    pouches of rice or petals, balloons
  • If needed we can work with other companies or professionals specializing in matrimonial services: hairdressers, travel agencies, musicians, graphic studies for invitations, baby parking, clothing stores and shoes, car, location for weddings, photographers, etc.


Who We Are

F&B Fiori is managed by Flavio Gatto, european florist , with the support and encouragement of his wife Elizabeth, who is an expert in floral art too. Since 2000, F&B Fiori has its own store of flowers and plants in Santa Margherita Ligure, short way from Portofino, in the central Caprera Square. Successes in competitions dedicated to the creators of floral decorations are several:

  • Regional champions “Bridal bouquet” (2010 and 2014)
  • Silver medal Bridal bouquet “Euroflora” (2011)
  • Italian vice-champions for the best bridal bouquet (2014)
  • Top finishers in La Spezia, Alexandria, Arco di Trento
  • Runners up in Imperia
  • Official supplier of floral compositions for the blockbuster movie to “Sole a catinelle”, with italian actor Checco Zalone.

Where We Work

Our store is in Santa Margherita Ligure in Tigullio, we operate mainly in the whole of Tigullio and in Genoa, but if necessary we can also move to the rest of Liguria and other regions.
To meet us in person come visit us in the store of Caprera Square in Santa Margherita Ligure.


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